We provide child and adolescent , individual, couples, and family therapy.

Treatment specializations include:

Depression and Anxiety disorders - Couples & Marital Counseling - Panic Attacks - Art Therapy 

Sex Therapy- Self-Harm - Intrusive Thoughts - Sexual Dysfunctions - PTSD - Family Counseling - Play Therapy 

Parenting Support - Grief Counseling - Work and Career issues - Stress Management - Personality Disorders

Divorce Mediation - Conflict Resolution - Substance Abuse & Addiction Recovery - ADHD - Child Therapy 

Child Behavior Disorders - EMDR -  Art Therapy - Eating Disorders - ADHD Support - Intellectual Disorders

Transgender Issues - LGTBTQ - Sexual Dysfunctions- Teen Therapy - Group Therapy - Veteran Transitions 

Medication Management and Medicinal Cannabis Evaluation

Our specialized Nurse Practitioners offer psychiatric medication management services for most mental health concerns. 

Our nurses are able to provide evaluations for medicinal cannabis products. Evaluations for medicinal cannabis are not covered by insurance.

*Please note: we do not have a physician (MD) on staff.

Speech Therapy

We recognize the importance of holistic health and how communication is essential for emotional and mental wellness. Our licensed Speech Language Pathologist provides supplement treatment, alongside therapy and medication management, to assist our clients of all ages in improving their ability and increasing their confidence in communicating with their world. 

Life Coaching & Divorce Mediation (Virginia Beach Only)

For individuals who prefer an alternative approach to life stresses we have a Life Coach on staff. As a Life Coach she can help clients adopt new skill sets, behavior adjustments and accountability.  This includes anger management, parenting skills, mediation among family members, navigating the divorce process, and female veterans or female service members struggling in their careers. 

Divorce Mediation sessions include filing of documentation with State of Virginia. 

*Please note: Life Coaching & Mediation services are self pay.

Psychological Testing (Virginia Beach Only)

Click here for more information on our Sunrise Testing Center.

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